How to Get Edu Back Links From Blogs For Free

When it comes to search engine marketing with edu links and building relationships, marketers fall into talking about building relationships with these schools.

Speaking for class, conducting a workshop and talking to school associates – yes there are valid ways for building great relationships. And in return, these particular schools and associations will give you a link to your domain on their websites. Yes, this is one method how to get edu back links.

Now we’re going to talk about an effective ways to build EDU links without knowing anyone at a school and developing any relationships. While most marketers believe that you must cultivate these relationships in order to get a link back, that is not necessarily true. You can learn how to get EDU back links can be done using traditional back link building strategies which is what we’re going to explore in this article.

Generally speaking, the major factor with the search engines when it comes to ranking is back links.

General Search Engine Optimization Rule #1: The general rule is the more back links you get, the better. Today you’ll learn how you can easily begin to increase your back links with authority edu back links from high page rank blogs.

However, not all links are created equal. Some links simply have more power and influence in terms of getting you ranks for your particular keyword of phrase. Links coming from educational organizations (or .edu links) come from institutions of higher learning. These types of links are generally regarded by the search engines as having higher degrees of ‘authority’ and ‘trust’. The catch is that .edu links are often thought of as being difficult to obtain.

It’s simple – If you have a lot of .edu back links there is a greater chance of your website ranking higher in the search engines.

Recommended Tools For You EDU Back Link Campaign

Here are few recommended tools that you’ll need to implement the technique we’re going to give you.

1. Use FireFox as your browser – FireFox has the ability to add many useful plug-ins for market research, SEO diagnostics and is really a vital tool if your serious about ranking high on the search engines. 구글광고대행

2. Install the SEOQuake toolbar – Powerful SEO toolbar provides a lot of useful information on the fly. Specifically for this technique you’re going to be interested in PageRank

3. Install the NoDoFollow add-on – This is a add-on for FireFox that allows you to check if the links are DoFollow. NoDoFollow links mean that if a link is on a website, it does not pass authority on to a link found on the originating site to the out bound link.

4. Bookmark – This is a powerful ping tool site that you can use to get your website “pinged” or recognized by the search engines in the quickest time possible.

A Word of Advice Before You Get Started Placing EDU Back Links:

Now a word of wisdom, before we get started with this technique. Proper link building takes time. Please do not be one of those people that post 100 links to your website overnight. This looks fishy to the search engines and you may be flagged or penalized. Limit your links to 5-10 per day when building your back links naturally.

Get involved in the conversation and make sure you contribute valuable information or insight to the discussion. Do not create more than one link per site.

Remember if you choose to leave a comment on one of these .edu websites leave value and something useful and relevant to the discussion. Do not be spumy. If you have a chance to leave a link be sure you understand what’s going on that website and add value. So get involved and ensure that you are commenting something of value.

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