Dating Girls – Two Secret Tips That Will Make You Irresistible to Girls

Do you want girls to find you irresistible? If yes, you have to check out these two dating girls secrets that will make them obsessed by you. The greatest disaster is that most guys don’t care about how to have success dating girls. They are only looking for quick and easy solutions and forgetting the more important information.

For example, you will see guys looking for stupid jokes and lame pick up line to tell girls, which will fail miserably, when in fact, they would have attracted girls just by knowing some secrets of dating girls that are easy and simple to use. They are a great help if you are just starting into dating girls and can be a great advantage if you are already experienced.

· The first dating girls secret is it’s all about the way you look

What do you think attracts girls to guys? It’s their personality and character. However, before she can get to know your personality, she has to like you from the way you look. This is why looks are so important. It’s true, they don’t account for as much as your character accounts for, but if you neglect it, it will send a negative message about you.

How do you look great? First, you need to smell great, a girl will remember you her whole life from the way you smelled the first time she met you. I hate deodorants and so do most girls, they are fade and childish no matter the brand you are using. And please, stop believing the ads that will tell you that girls will be attracted to you if you use that deodorant or another. The truth is that a great fragrance will smell much more subtle and will give you much more attractiveness to girls. There are two brands I use; they’ve proven to be a great girl’ magnet: กลุมลับ

One million by Paco Raban
And BOSS by Hugo Bosss

They are fantastic.

There are of course many other great fragrances, but these are the ones that got me the most attention and compliments from girls. You need also to pay huge attention to your shoes, belt and socks. Always shine your shoes when going out; a girl will dismiss you by the way your shoes looked. Never wear unmatching pants, shoes, belt and socks. First you will look like a clown and second you won’t be attractive at all.

· The second dating girls’ secret is it’s all in the mind

You may be the greatest looking guy in the world, you can have a great fortune, great cars and all you need, however, if you think you are a failure with girls, you will attract none.

Dating girls is all about your mental attitude, if you have a low self esteem, you can kiss success with girls good bye, and to truly achieve success with girls, it’s very important that you have the right attitude and mentality, this is why you have to check this page: Abundance With Women, it has all the tips and ideas to become a girls’ magnet.


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